34 - Schürmatte

Kileystrasse 7

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The façade of Schürmatte House was restored in 1968. Do you spot the impressive black Gothic script?

Built in 1778 by the master carpenter Hans Messerli for Peter Denner, Barbara Schläppi, Hans Regez and Magarita Heimann.

The southern room and barn section to the left are more recent. Renovated in 1968. The façade was originally two rooms wide and symmetrical. As well as the decorative carpentry consisting of bold, flat-carved vines on the lower-floor truss and a very sculptural frieze of cubes and blind arches, accentuating the overhang of the upper-floor wall, the façade features impressive black Gothic script. This was restored in 1968 and covers the gable and upper-floor balustrade, as well as the ends of the covered balconies under the eaves. The restrained paintings are an early sign that the practice of façade painting was dying out in the valley.