Dorf 21

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The Rectory and the Rectory’s oven house both are made of stones, which was rare at this period.

The Rectory was built in 1781/82, at the same time that the church was extended.

Like all typical Bernese manor houses it is plastered and features a bonnet roof. On the side facing the road a peristyle (porch formed by a row of columns) accentuates the entrance. The covered balcony on the east side dates from the 19th century.

To the west, and from the same period, is the Rectory’s oven house (Dorf 21A), a substantial building under a half-hip roof with carved door and window jambs. Of particular note are the original gutters, complete with rafter brackets. The oven house was on the verge of collapse in 1981 when it was renovated and made accessible again. Now the oven is lit once a month from October to May (on request).