16 - Sälbeze

Selbezen 10

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House Sälbeze is an impressive example of local Simmental carpentry and painting. It’s worth to have look at the paintings on the southern façade too.

Built in 1738, probably by the master carpenter Christian Wolet for Christen Jantz and Susanna Hiltbrand. Impressive example of local Simmental carpentry and painting. Pure residential dwelling built on a masonry base, lower floor of post-and-beam construction, upper floor constructed using the “blockbau” system. 

The symmetrical gable façade with external staircase is a virtuoso display of ornamentation with strong sculptural accentuation of sills, trusses, ledges, cross-beams and corbels. 

The overall effect is heightened by the colouring of the carpenter’s decoration, which is accompanied by paintings of flowers and animals, coats of arms and abundant Gothic inscriptions. The representation of David and Goliath on the southern façade suggests that the artist may have been Stefan Allenbach.