8 - Muurhus

Dorf 42

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Muurhus is one of seven arched-gable houses which were erected in the farming community of Diemtigen.

Built in 1823. Between 1789 and around 1830 seven arched-gable houses were erected in the farming community of Diemtigen, four constructed using both post-and-beam and “blockbau” methods, and three purely of post-and-beam construction with windows arranged individually rather than in groups, as in this case.

From 1869 until its closure just a few years later, this house served as Diemtigen secondary school. Next to it is the second so-called Muurhus (Dorf 44), undated, but decorated in typical 16th-century style. With the exception of the corner room, which has been added on the north side of the house, and the replacement of the wall panels on the lower floor, it has remained in its original condition.

Further on there are three more perfect examples of 19th-century Simmental houses.