5 - Trogmatte

Dorf 32

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At Trogmatte House you may recognise the attributes of a Simmental farmhouse from the heyday. Which are this characteristic features?

Built around 1770. The master carpenter was probably Hans Messerli. This is a particularly good example of a Simmental farmhouse from the heyday of the carpenter’s art.

Wide façade, gently pitched gable roof with a generous overhang; standing on the basement walls the living quarters in post-and-beam construction with three groups of windows, each with five windows; above, the sleeping quarters, constructed using the “blockbau” system, with three groups of windows, each with four somewhat smaller windows. Two covered balconies on the eaves sides. The protruding sills, trusses and walls, the continuous window ledges, the vertical wooden projections, roof corbels and associated decorations combine to lend the façade a sculptural quality.

To find out how the house would have looked 200 years ago, visit the Agensteinhaus in Erlenbach (Landschaftsmuseum), which would have been furnished in the same style.