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Do you know, that this is the first Ründihaus (arched-gable house) which has been built in the village of Diemtigen?

A multi-purpose house, with living quarters at the front and a barn at the back. The first Ründihaus (arched-gable house) in Diemtigen, it was built in 1789 by the army captain and local treasurer, Jakob Mani. In the 19th century it was owned by Johann Jakob Karlen, a member of both the Swiss National Council and the Bernese Cantonal Government.

The elegant arch stretches over the symmetrical façade, which is three rooms wide. Vertical wooden projections and roof corbels emphasise the vertical lines, while the groups of windows and associated decorations emphasise the horizontal ones. Pretty river cobbles surround the house. This magnificent building in a striking location marks the north-eastern edge of the village.