The Diemtigtal (130 km2) is the largest side valley in the Simmental and consists of eight villages: Oey, Bächlen, Horben, Riedern, Entschwil, Zwischenflüh, Schwenden and Diemtigen. Together they form the municipality of Diemtigen, which has approximately 2,200 inhabitants.

The entire valley is devoted to Alpine farming, and primarily livestock farming. Diemtigen is the sixth largest municipality in the canton of Bern and the most important municipality for Alpine farming in Switzerland. It is livestock farming that is largely responsible for the scattered housing which is still characteristic of the valley today.

Thanks to far-sighted local planning, the municipality of Diemtigen has successfully preserved the character of the valley’s settlements. As a result of its efforts, it was awarded the Henri-Louis Wakker Prize by the Swiss Heritage Society in 1986.

The oldest houses in the Diemtigtal date from the 16th century. However, it is the buildings from the second half of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century which lend the landscape its special character. The Diemtigtal owes its magnificent buildings to a combination of prosperous farmers and talented craftsmen, including renowned carpenters such as the master carpenter Hans Messerli (1720–1806).

Thanks to its unique and beautiful landscape, its well-preserved architecture and culture of construction, and its abundant and ecologically valuable fauna and flora, in 2011 the Diemtigtal was designated a Swiss Regional Nature Park – Landscape of National Importance.

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